Howdy! So you've come to get more info about me. Basically, this is a list of sites I support in some form or another.  

Supported Patreons

  JP Lebreton is a game developer that works on Playscii.  

  Allen Webster is working on a new editor called 4coder.  

  Crystel Land is a friend of mine that is making her own line of figurines!  

  Loading ready run is a comedy group. Check it.  

  Abby Howard is a webcomic artist that creats jspowerhour and The Last Halloween. She is probably one of my favorite web comic artists out there.  

  Erika Moen is a web comic artist that is currently working on A sex toy web comic. It covers a bunch of topics not necessarily just toys.  

  Katie J Rice is a web comic artist that is currently working on A camp story web comic.  

  Calamity Jamie is a streamer that focuses on positivity, and charities. Previous Child's Play employee.  

  Sorastro is a mliniature figure painter. His videos pick a color, and a method for painting figurines from different games.  

  Pedro Medeiros is creating pixel art tutorials.  

  Movies with Mikey is creating Movie deconstruction videos.  

Previously Supported Patreons

  Extra Credits/Extra History is a group that makes videos about history! I get to learn me some history.  

  Casey Muratori is a game developer that teaches via Handmade Hero  

Charities I actively contribute to


  Mary's Place  

  The Trevor Project  

Links Out

  Penny Arcade. There is some controversy around them, but in general I find them to be decent folk.  

  Feminist Frequency. It's always good to take a look at your media and see what sort of problems to avoid.  

  Brood Hollow. It's good.  

  PvP Online. Funny stuff.  

  The Trenches. Comic about game testers.  

  Camp Weedonwantcha. Comic about a camp where kids essentially get left by their parents.  

  Table Titans. Comic about D&D.  

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