Howdy! So you've come to get more info about me. Basically, this is a list of sites I support in some form or another.  

Supported Patreons

  JP Lebreton is a game developer that works on Playscii.  

  Loading ready run is a comedy group. Check it.  

  Abby Howard is a webcomic artist that creats jspowerhour and The Last Halloween. She is probably one of my favorite web comic artists out there.  

  Erika Moen is a web comic artist that is currently working on A sex toy web comic. It covers a bunch of topics not necessarily just toys.  

  Katie J Rice is a web comic artist that is currently working on A camp story web comic.  

  Calamity Jamie is a streamer that focuses on positivity, and charities. Previous Child's Play employee.  

  Pedro Medeiros is creating pixel art tutorials.  

  Movies with Mikey is creating Movie deconstruction videos.  

  Noclip is creating video game documentaries.  

  Sorastro is a mliniature figure painter. His videos pick a color, and a method for painting figurines from different games.  

  Penny Arcade they make comics, and other things I like.  

  Amy T. Falcone is creating Drawings and Art  

  Game Makers Toolkit is creating videos on game design.  

Previously Supported Patreons

  Crystel Land is a friend of mine that is making her own line of figurines!  

  Allen Webster is working on a new editor called 4coder.  

  Extra Credits/Extra History is a group that makes videos about history! I get to learn me some history.  

  Casey Muratori is a game developer that teaches via Handmade Hero  

Charities I actively contribute to


  Mary's Place  

  The Trevor Project  

Links Out

  Penny Arcade. There is some controversy around them, but in general I find them to be decent folk.  

  Feminist Frequency. It's always good to take a look at your media and see what sort of problems to avoid.  

  Brood Hollow. It's good.  

  PvP Online. Funny stuff.  

  The Trenches. Comic about game testers.  

  Camp Weedonwantcha. Comic about a camp where kids essentially get left by their parents.  

  Table Titans. Comic about D&D.  

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